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The Guy Strain Insulators distributed by Meister International are manufactured from wet process porcelain. This gives the guy strain insulators a smooth glaze allowing them to shed water, requiring little-to-no maintenance. The guy strains are there to stabilize and reinforce structures such as telephone poles, to keep them from pulling toward other poles. Guy strain insulators are compatible with preformed style guy grips. They are designed, manufactured and tested to meet requirements of current American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines.

Both the spool insulators, as well as the guy strain insulators supplied by Meister International are manufactured from wet process porcelain. This process allows the spool insulators and the guy strain insulators to shed water and keep dirt away, thus requiring little-to-no maintenance. They are shaped like spinning spools, which allow them to hold wires in place, and keep them from slipping off. These spool insulators are designed, manufactured and tested to the spool insulator requirements of current ANSI guidelines.

Maintenance of spool insulators and guy strain insulators is typically not required, as the glaze coating on the exterior of the insulator keeps dirt and pollutants from adhering to the insulator.

Below are images of both the guy strain insulators, as well as spool insulators, and drawings are available for download, to the left, in order to provide you with more in-depth information.

Once you have decided which guy strain or spool insulator will work best to accommodate your needs, please click our “request a quote” link, and fill in the information required. One of our service representatives will be glad to assist you as soon as we receive your information. For additional information on Meister International easy-to-install guy strain insulators and spool insulators, or any of the world-class porcelain insulators and bushings we offer, call 513.923.2712.

spool insulator, spool insulators

spool insulator, spool insulators

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