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matthew 25Located in the Greater Cincinnati area, Meister International LLC, is a global distributor of porcelain insulators and bushings. Luckily, our people and property were not directly impacted by the early March 2012 tornados. However, within a 100 mile radius, 30 people lost their lives, and hundreds of people lost their homes and businesses. We truly believe we all have a responsibility to help our neighbors, especially when affected by such terrible devastation as the March 2012 tornados in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana..

Matthew 25: Ministries ( is based in Cincinnati, Ohio with a mission of providing nutritional food to the hungry, clean water to the thirsty, clothing to the naked, shelter to the homeless, medical care to the ill, and humanitarian supplies to the poorest of the poor, as well as support to people affected by natural disasters. From helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, the Tsunami in Japan and similar other situations, Matthew 25 Ministries is truly a wonderful charitable organization that has positive impacts on people suffering locally and globally. 99% of all funds donated go to helping those in need! This is truly an amazing place with amazing people!!

More info can be found at We are supporters of Matthew 25 Ministries and encourage our business partners, customers and suppliers, to also support the fine work of Matthew 25.

Donors who would like to designate their financial gifts for Tornado Relief may do so by writing "Tornado Relief" in the memo line of their check or by typing it in the "in honor of" field of our online giving form. Designated funds are always used for the requested program.

The Dragonfly Mission: To bring comfort and joy to young patients (and their families) enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants. 
DragonflyOur website:
Here’s a quote from Dr. John Perentesis, Director of Oncology of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: "We should all help Dragonfly because they're trailblazers, they're moving forward in new areas of how we think about delivering care, how we support kids, how we support the families and the community…”
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The Dragonfly Foundation holds a unique place in the landscape of non-profit organizations focused on pediatric cancer. This is The Dragonfly Difference:
1) Our young patients ranging in age from birth to age 30
2) We provide support to patients AND their families (siblings/offspring and parents/caregivers)
3) We host an average of 5 events PER WEEK for our patients/families
4) Our 12 programs are dedicated to improving the patient experience during treatment and supporting quality of life for the patient and family as they move from diagnosis to long-term recovery
5) We provide supportive community connections to resources, organizations and opportunities
6) We have public awareness programs that educate, inform, and build a community of support for the patients, families and hospitals we serve
7) We have two patient/family spaces, “The Landing” (a 6,000 sq. ft. facility) and a suite at US Bank Arena, where families can enjoy time with other Dragonfly families while minimizing the risk of infection and create memories without worrying about others staring, pointing or making negative comments
8) We have published books to help our patients/families better manage the emotional challenges of extended hospital stays, daunting treatments, and hair loss due to chemotherapy.
We understand that even though treatment may end, the post-traumatic stress of treatment, the challenges of side effects from treatment and the anxiety of recurrence continue to challenge families for years to come. While only one person is receiving treatment, everyone in the family benefits from our C.A.R.E. as we define it (Caring, Community and Awareness that Results in better Emotional Health).

The Dragonfly Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, brings comfort and joy to children and young adults enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants


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