15 kv Cycloaliphatic Insulators

Cycloalaphatic epoxy (the resin is an organic compound with a ring-like molecular structure and thus the term’cyclo’) insulators have proven themselves in all types of electrical operating environments and voltages. All major switchgear manufacturers throughout the world use cycloalaphatic insulators to some degree in their products. 

The applications are in metal-enclosed switchgear, outdoor distribution and transmission insulators, pad- mounted switchgear, metal-clad switchgear, surge arresters, transformers and power circuit breakers.  The performance of cycloalaphatic epoxies has been outstanding and they have passed the test of time in all kinds of environments.

Cycloalaphatic insulators are almost ½ the weight of porcelain insulators and will not shatter due to mechanical/physical shock.

Cycloaliphatic Insulator Drawings:
1524 - 15kv

cycloaliphatic insulators

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